Crafting Beer with a Traditional Touch: The Philosophy of Hamivshala Talpiot In the heart of Talpiot, Hamivshala stands as a testament to the art of artisanal brewing, under the passionate guidance of owner and operator Eric Garnot. Here, the commitment to traditional brewing methods is paramount, eschewing the use of liquid malt and CO2, to ensure each beer is a pure expression of the brewer’s art.

A Diverse Palette of Flavors: From Wheat Beer to Robust Ales The brewery takes pride in its diverse range of beers. On offer is a refreshing pale wheat beer, a classic pilsner lager, and IPAs that are a fusion of six different types of malt and five varieties of hops, brewed right above the bar. For those seeking a bolder taste, the Belgian ales, brewed to a potent 8.5% strength, are a must-try.

Garnot’s Culinary Traditions: A Menu That Celebrates Diversity Eric Garnot’s dedication to tradition extends beyond brewing to the kitchen. The menu at Hamivshala Talpiot is a celebration of culinary heritage, featuring dishes like the ever-popular shakshuka, creamy hummus, hearty shepherd’s pie, flavorful moussaka, and classic hamburgers. Each dish is crafted with the finest market materials, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

A Fusion of Brewing and Gastronomy in Talpiot Hamivshala Talpiot isn’t just a brewery; it’s a culinary journey that marries the craft of brewing with the art of cooking. It’s a place where beer enthusiasts and food lovers alike can come together to enjoy the best of both worlds.