From Corporate Life to Brewing Dreams: Moshe Masika’s Story In 2012, Moshe Masika’s life took a turn from the predictable path of a strategic consultant in Rehovot’s insurance sector to the vibrant and unpredictable world of brewing. His love for the outdoors and a serendipitous encounter in a local pub brewery in the Netherlands ignited a flame within him – the dream of starting his own brewery.

The Birth of a Brewing Vision Moshe’s journey is one of passion meeting purpose. Inspired by his work in the lush green plains and the cultured, beer-loving people he met, he realized that brewing was his calling. He envisioned a brewery that would blend his love for unique beer and his desire to connect with nature.

Crafting the Perfect Brew: A Journey of Experimentation For two years, Moshe dedicated himself to perfecting his craft. He meticulously compiled beer recipes, brewed in small batches, and conducted tasting experiments in Rehovot. His goal was clear: to establish a commercial brewery that reflected his passion for quality and authenticity.

A Dream Takes Root in Western Galilee Moshe’s quest for an authentic beer experience led him to the Western Galilee, a region that resonated with his desire for a unique natural setting for his brewery. Along with his partner Michal, he embraced a new life, moving to a secluded shack in Hasan. There, amidst the serene landscape, Moshe’s dream of a boutique brewery began to take shape.

Today’s Vision: A Brewery in the Making Now, Moshe is in the process of establishing his brewery, a testament to his journey from the corporate world to the heart of Western Galilee’s natural beauty. His story is not just about brewing beer; it’s about following one’s passion and creating something truly unique.