A Tale of Tradition and Taste: Golan Brewery’s Journey Founded in 2006 by Haim Ohayon, Naftali Pinchevsky, and a third partner, Golan Brewery stands as a symbol of pioneering spirit in the Israeli brewing scene. Located in the Katzrin industrial zone, it proudly holds the title of being the first brewery in the Golan Heights.

The Secret of Seleucia Spring: A Natural Treasure for Brewing What sets Golan Brewery apart is its use of mineral-rich water sourced from the nearby Seleucia spring. This natural resource is the backbone of their beer’s distinctive taste and quality, giving it a unique edge in the craft beer world.

Bazelet Beer: A Toast to the Basalt Land Under the label “Bazelet” (Hebrew for Basalt), the brewery produces four types of beer, each echoing the rich basaltic soil of the Golan Heights. The range includes options catering to diverse palates, all bottled in 330ml and 750ml sizes and available in barrels for restaurants and bars.

A Culinary and Brewing Destination The brewery’s visitor center is more than just a place to taste beer. It includes a steakhouse restaurant, offering a perfect lunch spot for those exploring the Golan Heights. This combination of fine dining and quality beer creates a memorable experience for visitors.

International Recognition: A Testament to Quality Golan Brewery’s dedication to excellence was globally recognized when their Double Bock Basalt beer won a silver medal in the German Style Doppelbock category at the 2012 European Beer Star competition. This accolade is a testament to the brewery’s commitment to crafting world-class beers.