A Beacon of Innovation: Shevet Brewery’s Automated Brewing Process Shevet Brewery, shining with modernity and technological prowess, redefines the craft beer experience. As Israel’s most advanced craft brewery, it stands out with its fully automated brewing process. From the delivery of malted grains to the final packing of beer bottles, human intervention is minimal, ensuring precision and consistency in every batch.

The Art of Automated Brewing: From Grain to Bottle The journey of each beer at Shevet begins with malted grain, meticulously processed in self-cleaning tanks and equipment. The grains travel from the mash tun to the kettle, where they’re artfully mixed with hops. Following centrifugation and yeast addition, fermentation tanks meticulously refine the beer to perfection.

Efficiency Meets Quality: High-Volume Production Shevet’s advanced setup enables the filling and capping of 5,000 bottles per hour, a testament to its efficiency and scale. Additionally, the automated keg filler can handle 30 20-liter kegs every hour, showcasing the brewery’s commitment to meeting high demand without compromising quality.

Cold Storage: Preserving the Essence Every ingredient, from hops to yeast, and the final bottled and kegged products, are preserved in cold storage rooms. This careful storage ensures that every beer retains its intended flavor profile, ready to be shipped and enjoyed.

Craft Beer Masterpieces: Ice Mann and Wee Laddie Scottish Ale Shevet’s Ice Mann, a light amber lager with a 5.2% alcohol content, is a symphony of flavors. It features a foamy head, a sparkling aroma of Hallertauer hops, and a complex taste profile of grain, malt, and honey, ending with a bitter, peppery finish.

The Wee Laddie Scottish Ale, at 5.5% ABV, is a unique offering with its dark amber color reminiscent of whisky. Dominated by malt and caramel aromas, it offers a rich, balanced taste of sweet malt, caramel, and vanilla, enhanced as the beer warms – a true delight for the palate.