Founded in 2005, The Dancing Camel Brewery is Israel’s first microbrewery dedicated to making a real Israeli beer. Located in Tel Aviv, close to an Egyptian brewery dating back 5000 years, the brewery is centrally located. By converting a grain storage facility built in the 1930s, The Dancing Camel Brewery is a testament to Israel’s progress. It preserves a connection to the land’s history while making the old new.

Brewing and drinking beer locally using ingredients that reflect the culture and palate of the local area is how the Dancing Camel Brewery can craft authentic Israeli beer.

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located in a converted grain storage facility from 1933, which is home to the Dancing Camel Brewing Company. Dancing Camel strives to craft a truly Israeli beer with local ingredients that will create a flavor unique to the country. Several signature beers reflect the culture, like Olde Pappa, which is brewed with date honey and nana (mint), a recipe dating back to Babylonia in the fourth century. In the summer, it’s a great place to unwind after a long day at the beach.