In the heart of the scenic Ella Valley, Srigim Brewery stands as a testament to the dreams of two high-tech professionals turned master brewers. Founded by Ohad and Ofer, whose mutual love for diverse beers transformed from a leisurely hobby into a celebrated business, Srigim Brewery is a hub for beer connoisseurs

Ohad and Ofer, award-winning brewers with a shared vision, bid farewell to their high-tech careers in late 2011 to pursue their true calling. Their dedication quickly bore fruit as their handcrafted beers began to gain momentum among beer enthusiasts.

Srigim Brewery proudly features two distinct beer series:

  1. Goddess Valley Series: A tribute to classic European brews, this series is a homage to traditional, time-honored brewing techniques and flavors.
  2. Ronen Series: Inspired by the bold flavors of American boutique beers, the Ronen series is a celebration of rich and diverse taste profiles.

Nestled between the lush Ella Valley and the verdant hills of Britain Park, the brewery’s Biergarten is more than just a place to enjoy beer. It’s an experience that combines quality boutique beers with delicious food, live music, and an invariably joyous atmosphere.

Srigim Brewery is not just a destination; it’s a journey into the world of fine beers. Whether you’re a fan of classic European ales or American-style brews, Srigim offers a unique blend of quality, ambiance, and community spirit that’s sure to delight.