Where Tradition Meets Modern Brewing: Isis Brewing Company’s Story Located near the Egyptian border in the serene Moshav Dekel in Western Negev, Isis Brewing Company stands as a unique tribute to the rich Egyptian heritage. Named after the goddess of abundance and fertility, this brewery intertwines cultural symbolism with the art of beer-making.

A Sanctuary for Beer Lovers: The Brewery Yard and Garden The brewery yard, a haven for visitors, features a lush garden with comfortable seating areas – perfect for savoring their boutique beers. This tranquil setting is further enhanced by light refreshments and captivating performances, offering a complete sensory experience.

A Symphony of Flavors: From Black Ales to Seasonal Brews Isis Brewing Company boasts a diverse selection of beers, including robust black ales, hoppy IPAs, and distinctive seasonal varieties. Beer enthusiasts are invited to explore the depth and range of flavors that this brewery has to offer.

The Art of Balance: Crafting Perfect Beers Each beer at Isis Brewing Company is a masterpiece of balance. The brewers skillfully harmonize malt sweetness with hop aroma, blending floral bitterness, fruitiness, and yeastiness to create beers that are both fresh and flavorful. This careful crafting ensures a delightful and memorable drinking experience.