The Beertzinut Brewery

The beertzinut Brewery was established in 2011, upgraded in 2014, and today produces 20 fascinating beers, some of which are virtually unmatched in Israel. Kol Majhol beer – a smoked beer based on dates from the kibbutz orchards; Krosh – a German-style beer is originating in Cologne; A seasonal beer based on fruits grown in the Arava; A beer titled ‘The Trio,’ which contains three different varieties as one entity;

Lila, a dark beer. Additionally, the three chefs choose the special in the yeast department. Fig trees on the South Kibbutz provide the yeast for the yeast. Neil Hugin, Yoni Thorn, and Richard Burr – the kibbutzniks behind the barrels – produce 15,000 bottles yearly, 5,000 liters. Their goal is to reach 50,000 liters if the kibbutz franchisees approve their business plan, which is not a small amount for a brewery of this size.