Alexander Brewery

The Alexander Brewery was founded on August 20, 2008, in Emek Hefer, near Alexander stream, to make excellent Israeli craft beer.

In Alexander’s case, quality, taste, and smell are all important. Despite being a craft brewery, they always aim to create Beer that is as tasty and enjoyable as possible. Alexander Brewery strives to produce excellent Israeli Beer while maintaining the style of small, quality European breweries. In addition to European hops, malt, and yeast, they use reverse osmosis water for pure Israeli water. Alexander can focus on making the best Beer possible as a small boutique brewery.

They strive to make our Beer as tasty and enjoyable as possible through thinking and creativity. Use the same traditional brewing wisdom that European brewers have used for centuries in small batches, using modern equipment that ensures high quality and accuracy.

Alexander beer is available in selected stores, restaurants, and bars. The Alexander Brewery is located in Emek Hefer, and you can visit it.