Shevet Brewery

A modern, shiny brewery, Shevet Brewery is fully automated. From the moment the malted grain is delivered in one-ton sacks until the beer bottles are packed, no human hands are required. After transporting the malt from the mash tun to the kettle, mixing it with hops, centrifuggling it, and then adding yeast, fermentation tanks are used to finish the beer.
5,000 bottles can be filled and capped in an hour using self-cleaning tanks and equipment.
The automated keg filler fills and cleans 30 20-liter kegs every hour.
Hops, yeast, and full bottles and kegs are stored in the cold storage rooms before they are shipped.

I have the impression that Shevet has become Israel’s largest and most modern craft brewery.
Property and equipment were heavily invested in building a distillery of this size and quality.
With a 5.2% alcohol content, the Ice Mann is a light amber lager beer that pours out with a foamy, but quickly dissipating head. In the case of Hallertauer, the noble German hops give the beer a sparkling aroma of spice and grass. There are flavors of grain, malt, and honey; the finish is bitter and peppery.

There are few beers like the Wee Laddie Scottish Ale (5.5% ABV). With its dark amber color, it evokes whisky. Malt dominates the aroma, along with caramel. It has a full, rich taste – sweet malt, caramel, and vanilla. Despite remaining balanced between bitter and sweet, the flavors are enhanced as the beer warms up—a delicious drink.